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What We're About

As a church, we are partnering with other churches, community organisations and Infant, Primary and Junior Schools to help provide brand new or good quality second hand School uniforms and coats for children and families across our town who would benefit from this support.

What We Do: At Present

We are currently supporting children and families from four primary schools in Letchworth, including Hillshot Infant school and Nursery, Pixmore Junior School, Northfields Infant and Nursery School and Norton St Nicholas Primary School. Participating Schools and Community Organisations are able to refer families and children for either individual school items or a whole School Uniform. School uniforms can be purchased for a small donation as little as 50p per item (including jumpers, skirts, trousers, coats and more!).

Pop-up Shops

There are Uniform Bank Pop up shops held at various times throughout the year in each of these schools where School staff members refer and invite families to attend either before school or, an after-school pop up shop event. If you would like to know what these dates are please contact the Partnering School directly to request further information.

Self Referral

Families are able to seek support themselves and either speak to request a referral from the School, community organisations such as Citizens Advice Bureau, Children Centres, food bank and the Extra smile Project (to name but a few) who, are able to contact us on their behalf or, request a referral direct by contacting us here at:
Letchworth Garden City Church, The Icknield Centre, Icknield way, SG6 1EF.
T: 01462 480126

Uniform Bank
Open Days

The 2nd Thursday of every month from 9:30-10:30am, Our Uniform Bank is open for referred individuals and families to attend. This is located within Letchworth Garden City Church, Extra Smile Community Care Centre.

How Can I Help?

We are always on the lookout for either very good quality second-hand items or brand new items to keep our stocks up, so please keep them coming in, making sure they are all washed and ironed beforehand!

We have Regular Uniforce Preparation sessions where there is a need to iron clothes, replace labels, sew new badges and keep the Uniform Bank looking good. If you are able to take a bag of clothes home to sort through, wash and iron, we are in need of you too.
For further information please contact us and we will be delighted to speak to you.


Our dream is to be able to serve all primary schools and maybe even Secondary Schools in Letchworth and beyond and to extend what we do to all those families in our community who may need this support. Our aim is to also have our Uniform Bank base within the Extra Smile Community Care Centre open for longer hours and more often throughout the week.