In the life of any Jesus follower there are many things to focus on, develop and mature through your journey with Christ. However, one thing that should be a primary focus for any Christ follower is others.


October 4, 2018
Reaching others is not something we are supposed to do, tick a box and say ‘done’. To reach others we cannot outsource it to another group who we consider it…

Active or Confident

November 12, 2017
Paul in this passage captures something profound that we must respond to. Sharing our faith leads us to a place of understanding to further what we have in Christ Jesus.…


November 5, 2017
As followers of Jesus, we are Christ’s ambassadors wherever we go, with authority and responsibility to represent him through everything we do. In Luke’s account, we see examples of how…


October 22, 2017
Jesus is on a journey towards Galilee and heads through Samaria. Whilst the disciples go to get food, Jesus, tired from the journey, sits at the well and waits. We…

Botton Line

October 15, 2017
Every organisation has a bottom line, the determining consideration for an impending decision. The life of Jesus gives a clear indication of God’s bottom line, what stands head and shoulders…


October 8, 2017
First days are always significant and for Jesus it was no different. His first day preaching was a disaster he was rejected, threatened and kicked out of His home town.…