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The Extra Smile Project

Sometimes we are faced with issues such as loneliness, unemployment, ill-health and family breakdown, which can suddenly make life seem like a huge challenge. Circumstances may also lead to a quick move into a home that needs decorating, or where the garden is overgrown. When this happens it can seem overwhelming especially if resources are low and there is no one to turn to for help with these practical jobs.

The Extra Smile Project exists for this purpose. Led by a team of people from Letchworth Garden City Church, the project seeks to support those individuals and families at crisis point. The team aims to provide practical help, support and solutions to help move things forward positively.


The Extra smile Project has been working in and around Letchworth Garden City since 2010 and to date we’ve supported families by doing things such as decorating rooms, gardening, household repair and maintenance work, fitting curtain rails, helping declutter and clearing rubbish, fitting flooring and providing secondhand basic furniture. Many volunteers have been involved in helping those most in need, and almost everyone that’s been involved has found a great sense of achievement and teamwork.

How can you help?

We really need volunteers! If you are willing and able, please let us know what you can do.

How can I get help, or refer someone?

The project works on a self-referral basis or through other support agencies.

Contact us

For general correspondence with The Extra Smile Project, please e-mail us at Xanax Online Uk Forum

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