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The Icknield Centre
Conference and Events Venue

The Icknield Centre (TIC) is home to Letchworth Garden City Church and is regularly used through the week for hosting small to medium sized events as well as other functions. The Icknield Centre is widely used by our community and we enjoy hosting the annual Comet Awards, local council meetings, NHS blood donors, children’s parties and many other groups.

Garden City Montssori

Garden City Montessori (GCM) is located in our old building and was launched in 2015 under the ownership and leadership of LGCC. In the Montessori classroom children develop the skills of learning not for school, but for life. We are proud of how Montessori has grown and developed, becoming a vibrant place of education within our community.

Discover more about us

Leadership &
Staff Team

Find out more about our Eldership and staff.

Our History

Read more about the story of how we got to where we are...

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